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Download folder form Vault

Sometimes we have to get folder from Vault, that contains non-CAD files, and put it locally. Once we can drug'n'drop it to Explorer, but if we want to automate this operation, this becomes not so easy.

Autodesk Inventor Scheduler can't help us, because it's configured just to work with Inventor files.

Nevertheless, Autodesk Vault setup contains SDK, that greatly enhances our possibilities. So we take ListFiles example, and modifying it using Microsoft Visual Studio Express to download files instead just listing their names.

As a result, we get an command prompt app, that downloads files, using parameters:

VaultSite VaultName Login Password VaultPath LocalPath

For example:

CopyVaultFolder.exe contoso:8080 "Main Vault" Administrator gfdhj14hfhdjs "$/Projects/039-432" "d:\Archive\039-432" 

You can download all of this:
  1. Executable CopyVaulyFolder.zip.
  2. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express source code VaultList.zip.
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  1. а почему этот пост не по-русски? :)
    Скажите, как с вами можно связаться?

  2. Этот пост для англоязычной аудитории. По почте.


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